Extremely Limited:
  This Charter Member Edition of the Academy of Advertising comes with YEARLY ACCESS to ALL my Flagship courses, the special pricing and $25,000 in bonuses will be promptly removed forever in...

Extremely Limited:
  This Charter Member Edition of the Academy of Advertising comes with YEARLY ACCESS to ALL my Flagship courses, the special pricing and $25,000 in bonuses will be promptly removed forever in...
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Now You Can Get Everything I’ve Got to Go from ZERO to as Much as $25,000 per Week, Without Risking Your FB Account or Income…and… Get My 7-Figure Ad Agency Blueprint, so You Can Run Facebook Ads for Your Own Clients (If You so Choose) and Get Extra Recurring Income Every Single Month… Starting with Your First Client at $2,500 a Month
  • YES!  I’m ready to STOP BURNING MONEY on my Facebook Ads and START GETTING clients, customers, and consistent income-like-clockwork. I’m fed up with seeing low quality FB ad scores and getting my ads disapproved. I’m ready to get the DAILY HELP I need to scale my ad campaigns from $5 a day to $100, $500, $1000 days and beyond.

    From there, when my FB ads are pulling in consistent leads, sales, and income… I understand I’ll also have all the training, tools, and support I need to run FB ads for my own clients, starting with my first client at $2,500/month in recurring income.
Here’s EVERYTHING you’re getting: Instant online access to the CHARTER EDITION of the Academy of Advertising, with all the limited-time bonuses below. 

You're getting ALL of our Flagship Courses, which we've completely updated for 2018, including FB Ad Profit Maximizer 2.0, 7-Figure Agency Blueprint, and my 17 Advanced FB Advertising Secrets Course, along with all of my previous courses, as well.

And as you're following along with me in each video, I'll help you… 
  • SET YOURSELF UP FOR PROFITS FROM DAY ONE:  With my 7-Figure Agency operations manual in your hands, you now have literally everything you need to go from $0 up to as much as $25,000 per week with your FB Ads (starting with YOUR business and/or clients, if you wish.)

    If you’re just starting out, our first goal is to hit $100 a day in PROFITS in as little as the next 60 days.

    Going through each of the phases to building your ad campaigns, you may be surprised at just how confident you're feeling when you realize you have exactly what it takes to scale from $5 a day in ad spend, up to $100 in profits, then $500…$1000...$5000+ DAYS and beyond.

    And you're not feeling worried about putting your FB account or income at risk, because you… 
  • SCALE FROM YOUR FB AD PROFITS:  As you're creating your FB ad campaigns off the backs of our PROVEN and time-tested Guaranteed Profitability Formula, the Results In Advance Ad Framework, and our 3D Profit Scaling System…

    You're scaling from your own profits (starting at just $5 in ad spend a day) and creating FB ads that bring in leads, sales, and income like clockwork… WITHOUT having to stay up late at night worrying about FB shutting your account down, or watching your income disappear in thin air.

    These are the EXACT frameworks we use in running FB ads in our own 7-Figure Agency.

    And once you’ve got your own ads bringing you $3k to $10k or more per month in steady income…

    You may decide to put together your own little Ad Agency A-TEAM to manage your ads for you, and add ANOTHER stream of recurring income. (If you just want to keep doing your OWN THING? Well that’s okay too!)

    That's why you’re also getting everything you need to… 
  • GET YOUR 1st CLIENT at $2,500/month in RECURRING INCOME: With my 7-Figure Ad Agency Blueprint now in your hands…

    Our first goal is for you to get your first Agency Client paying you $2,500/mo. in as little as 30 days from when you start. And then you can be on track to nail your first 4 to 5 clients to get up to $10,000 in RECURRING INCOME per month, within just 90 days.

    Now, it WILL require work and commitment, but that's what MANY of our students are doing right now, as they flood the industry as Respectable and Ethical Ad Agency Owners.

    Wherever you’re at right now in the client-getting process (starting from ground zero, or if you’ve already been doing this a while) you now have multiple paths to get your first one to ten clients at $2,500+ per month and scale up your fees from there.

    What may excite you the most though?

    You're getting to see how I took a total headache Ad Agency and turned it into a fully-fledged Lifestyle Friendly Business which takes less than 4 hours a week for me to manage.

    (One of the last lifestyle-friendly businesses out there for the little guy or gal, in my opinion.)

    You’re also getting… 
  • OUR $5,000 CONTRACT: You’re getting access to a contract (which I paid $5K for) that our Attorneys have put together to help protect my Ad Agency and income from any legal issues, and help me and my family sleep well at night.

    NOTE: We're NOT giving you permission to cut-n-paste this contract however you want, so do not use it this way. We're giving you this contract so you can have something to model as you set up your own contracts for your agency, without all the hassle and hefty-expenses.

    On top of that, you're getting… 
  • FULL ACCESS TO ALL MY LEGACY COURSES: Inside, you're getting access to ALL of the courses I've released on FB advertising: FB Ads Profit Maximizer 1.0, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering FB Ads, PACE Formula, 7 GURU Funnel Models, and Retargeting Secrets.

    With these Legacy Courses in your hands, you now have ALL the previous trainings I’ve released.

    They haven't been updated for 2018, but there's still a ton of time-less and highly-valuable FB ad strategies, principles, and tactics you can use to create profitable FB ads and income with, day after day.

    And for the up-to-date "what’s working now on Facebook"trainings… You're getting ALL my Flagship Courses - FB Ads Profit Maximizer 2.0 and my NEW 7-Figure Agency Blueprint. With our help and support, you're going to… 
  • STAY UP-TO-DATE (24/7/365) ON WHAT'S WORKING ON FACEBOOK NOW: As a member of the Academy of Advertising, if there are any updates, changes, or new opportunities with FB ads that pop up throughout the 2018 (and beyond) that I think you need to know about…

    I’ll shoot a quick video about it and get it over to you right away.

    So, you're never left wondering if what you’re doing with your Facebook ads is out of date and not working, because you KNOW what's working to bring in leads, sales, and recurring income right now.

    Now, to make sure you have ALL the support and help you need, you're also getting… 
  • VIP STATUS in Our Secret Order of Traffic & Conversion Mastermind Group: As a new member, you're now a part of our Private VIP FB Support Group, moderated by me (Jason Hornung), Rory Stern, and Matt Pshock.

    Both of these guys are successful agency owners - and some of my best students - so they know my methods inside and out. 

    As a VIP member of the group... You're getting all the daily support you need as you start running your Facebook ad campaigns. Getting ads profitable can take some time, and that’s why we’re here every day with you - 24/7/365.

    Many get stuck and give up when they’re so close to making some income with their Facebook ads. But that’s not going to happen to you if you're getting the help you need inside our VIP group that's full of over 600+ members to get support from.

    I'm in there every Tuesday, answering questions LIVE on FB ads…

    So, if you need any help with your ads, just post in the group and we’ll help steer you in the right direction immediately. We're here to help you get the leads, sales, and recurring income you want from your FB ads.

    Inside this VIP group, you're getting… 
  • CRITICAL FB AD UPDATES TO KEEP YOUR PROFITS SAFE: As they come in, I'll give you critical updates straight from Facebook's mouth, which can save your ad campaigns from any disapprovals or account shutdowns that come with new changes on FB.

    See, each month I have conversations with FB Reps and I regularly analyze the data and results across my client’s accounts in my own 7-Figure Ad Agency.

    And as a VIP member of my Secret Order of Traffic and Conversion… You're getting access to these key insights and trainings to help you keep your ad account safe, and your leads, sales, and income consistent and reliable.

    You won’t need to have your own FB Rep, or have to shell out hundreds of thousands each month testing ads, to try and tirelessly figure out what’s working… I just share my results with you and you use them to keep scaling your FB ads and income up and up.

    You're also getting my… 
  • 7-Figure Agency Ads and Funnels YOU Can Copy: Once inside, you're getting access to 20 Case Studies and tests we’ve currently run on FB advertising in our 7-Figure Agency.

    This database is full of all sorts of priceless information you can use to create profitable FB ads that bring in steady customers and income over and over again. And we’re updating it with more and more data for you to use every month.

    With this priceless data at your fingertips (that's no-where else to be found right now), you can see how we setup the campaign, the settings we used, who we targeted in the FB ads, what our daily budget was…

    And you're also getting the actual FB ad settings we used, a link to the ads and sales funnels, along with all of the results and the conclusion of our tests, and whether we think it’s got legs or not.

    We’re churning these tests out of our agency right now and once you're inside of the Academy of Advertising, you're getting FIRST access all of our results from these tests… whether the test failed or was successful.

    In short… 
  • YOU'RE GETTING EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT! We’ve taken everything we’re doing and using to run profitable FB ads for both ourselves and our clients…

    We’ve taken all the documents and processes of how we’re running a lifestyle friendly, 7-Figure Ad Agency in 4 hours a week…

    And we’ve added in all the daily support and up-to-date training every month, that you need to go from $100 a day in profit to $500, $1000, $5000 a day and beyond with your own Facebook ads…AND… to build your own Respectable Ad Agency part-time, if you’d like.

    This is literally EVERYTHING that our past customers have asked us for when going through our trainings over years. 

    We've put it ALL together in one place for you to have access to it at any time, so you can get more leads, sales, and income from your FB ads… WITHOUT all the headaches, heartburn, and sleepless nights spent worrying about your FB account. 
As a Part of this Special Edition of the Academy of Advertising, You’re Getting These Limited-Time Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Profitability Strategies In Cutthroat Niches! Recordings from My 3 Day Live Facebook Advertising Workshop ($5,000 Value): 

You're getting access to our “video vault” of this live 3-day event I put on in July of 2016 on FB advertising. As you're watching in, you're getting to see how we use our FB ad strategies in a variety of online business models to bring in steady leads, sales, and income. 

I've worked in over 30+ niches, including some of the most cut-throat out there, and in this workshop, you're getting ALL of the in's and out's of how I create profitable FB ads over and over again for myself and my clients.

BONUS #2: Every Script, Template, and Checklist You’ll Ever Need for $1,000 Days! Done for You Checklists, Scripts, Quick-Start Templates & Proprietary Action Plans ($10,000 Value):

With this "swipe file" in your hands, you now have access to every. single. document. you could possibly need to run your own profitable Facebook ads, and operate a Lifestyle Friendly and Respectable Ad Agency.

These are ALL the templates, checklists, systems, and processes we use in our own 7-Figure Ad Agency to bring in steady income from our ads.  

We’ve invested our hard-earned time and resources into all of this, and there’s no reason we can’t share EVERYTHING with you that's working for us in our Agency… Stacking the odds in your favor, ever the more so. 

BONUS #3: $200K FB Live Case Study ($1,000 Value) 

You're also getting access to this case study where I built a FB advertising strategy around creating content for a Facebook Live that was turned into an ad. And this FB ad did over $200k in sales, at a very nice profit. 

You're getting to see the exact FB ad, see the psychology behind every component, and the set up I used to create the content and ad, so you can model your ads after it, and use it for your own business. 

BONUS #4: 4 Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies ($4,000 Value)

As a member of this special edition, you're also getting your hands on 4 Advanced FB Ad Strategies we use in our 7-Figure Ad Agency.

Whenever you catch yourself saying, “I need to create this… or … I have to figure this out somehow…” we’ve likely been there and done that, and have a process ready for you to use. 

With these additional strategies in your hands, you quite literally have everything you need to get leads and sales coming in consistently from our Facebook ad campaigns, from ZERO to as much as $25,000 per week.

And as one of our NEW bonuses, you're also getting… 

BONUS #5: One Free Ticket to a Live 3-Day Workshop at my Home Base (*For annual enrollments only) ($5,000 Value):

As you're walking through the front doors of my home, we’ll work together in a small group setting as I show you what’s working NOW in my own 7-Figure Ad Agency. 

While here, you're getting my personal hands-on help to refine your FB ads and get your ad campaigns more profitable. 

Of course, I want you to get the maximum profits out of your FB ads in our time here at my home. So, to make sure we're on the same page, we require you to have completed the FB Ad Maximizer Bootcamp 2.0 before you can redeem your ticket. But… 

You're getting one full year to attend just ONE of these workshops with me, so there's PLENTY of time for you to make that happen. I’ll have the coffee brewing and ready for you when you show up:-) 

And once you've gone through the Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer 2.0 training, you're getting…


When you've completed the Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer 2.0 training, you're getting Certification as Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer Media Buyer. And now that you're certified
under me (Jason Hornung)…

You're going to use this stamp to position yourself as a respectable authority in your market and stand out from the competition. (Some businesses even REQUIRE you have this certification to work with them. So, it will definitely work to your advantage.) 

And to make this offer risk-free for you, you're getting our… 
When you join us as an ANNUAL MEMBER… Over the next 12 months together, I guarantee you will make back at least 2 times the investment you make if you join us today.

All you need to do is go through the course, run your FB ad campaigns as you follow along with the blueprints step-by-step, and get the regular support and help you need inside of the VIP Facebook group. 

With our help, we’ll get you AT LEAST 2 times back the investment you made on this course over the next 12 months from your Facebook ads. And if for some odd reason we’re not able to help get you there in that time-frame, I'll refund your investment in full.

It may take some time to get your FB ads profitable and scale them up from up to $50 in profits per day to $100 then $500…$1000…$5000 and up… That's why this guarantee is ONLY to those who commit to working with us over the next 12 months.
  • YES Jason… I’m in! I promise to ONLY PURCHASE as someone who is a serious go-getter, as someone who’s going to take advantage of the ongoing support I need, and to let these processes and systems work for me... I’m ready to bring in the consistent income and lifestyle my family and I deserve.

    Right now, as someone who’s agreed to put everything you're getting inside the Academy of Advertising to good use, you're getting access, along with all the limited-time bonuses and FULL SUPPORT for the low investment of: 
The 3-pay payment plan will be promptly removed forever in...
This Charter Member Edition of the Academy of Advertising comes with YEARLY ACCESS to ALL my Flagship courses, the special pricing and $25,000 in bonuses will be promptly removed forever in...
OPTION 1 (Comes w/ Guarantee):
$1995 Per Year*
*IMPORTANT: Just so you know, the annual membership is NOT auto-renewed… If it’s still a great value for you in a year, you can simply renew it again. And you will be locked in at the same investment you make today.
OPTION 2 (Guarantee NOT included):
$395 Monthly Trial
*IMPORTANT: Since it can take 60 days or so to get your FB ads profitable… There will be no 2X back on your investment guarantee or refunds for the monthly option. This guarantee is ONLY for ANNUAL MEMBERS.
Now, the $395 monthly investment to join isn’t meant to be a long-term investment

We really see it as a way for you to “trial” the Academy of Advertising and see if it’s the right choice for you for the rest of the year. 

You can try the program out for the month, get the trainings and group help you need, and then you can decide if you’d like to invest in yourself and your business for the year with the annual plan.  

If you’d like to join us at that point, we’ll credit what you’ve paid monthly back to your annual membership for you. 

(For example: $1995 - $395 = $1600 left for you invest after you've tried us out for month…) 

Oh, also…  

With the $395/mo. being a trial offer… You won’t be getting access to Bonus #4, where you're getting personal help from me with your Facebook ads for 3 days at my home with the other members.

That offer is ONLY available for those who commit to the Annual Option.  

Also, since it can take 60 days or so to get your FB ads profitable… There will be no 2X back on your investment guarantee or refunds for the monthly option.

But if you commit with me for the next 12 months to getting your FB ads profitable, and you go through the course and get the help you need along the way… I’m guaranteeing you will make 2X back on your investment with your FB ads, or I'll give you your money back in full. 
To the victor belong the spoils,
Jason Hornung
To the victor belong the spoils,
Jason Hornung
3-Pay Option:
This works 100% for 100% of people who follow the steps 100%! Our first goal is to get your first one or two clients in 8 weeks. What would even ONE client do for you right now? That’s $2K a month or an extra $24,000 a year! How’s that for a start?
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