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NOTE: Shot this video in June 2017 and since then there have been several updates on Facebook you must know about if you want to scale your ads FAST and keep your profits and customer-base GROWING consistently over time.

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Only $97 a Month
(That’s Less Than ONE Starbucks Coffee Per Day to Keep Your
Profits and Account Safe and Sound.)
Samples of What’s Inside Right NOW!
  •  Trouble getting your ads approved? (Try this…)
  •  Don’t know what to write in your Facebook Ad Copy? Should it be shorter? Longer? Does this matter at all?
  •  Should I use personal images? Stock Photos OK? Should they push the boundaries and stand out? 
  •  Is your daily budget running out? Before you’ve made your needed daily ROI?
  •  Did you scale too fast? And now Facebook’s barely showing your Ads? (What do you do now?)
  •  Need feedback before you pull the trigger and make a campaign LIVE for the world to see? (You don’t want a fleck of pepper showing in your FB teeth!)
  •  Want to target a specific group of people? But can’t find them anywhere as you search in the “traditional” places?
  •  Started a NEW lead gen campaign? Would be profitable from Day 1… IF you can get your ad costs down? (Should you try video? A more unique image? Should you just give it more time?)
  •  Affiliates! Need advice on how to research your competitors? Searching, but can’t find them anywhere? Even on FB Insights?
  •  Should you try a free or $1 trial offer? Straight from FB?
  •  Seems like you’re SABOTAGING your campaigns? But don’t know WHY or HOW to fix it?! (May be an easy fix!) 
  •  Will saying something like “Hey Momma” be self-identifying and get your ad disapproved?
  •  Want to share your current weeks results? And see how we can collectively make it better for you?
  •  Ready to post and brag about your WINS? Go for it! (Get ready for lots of High-Fives!)
  •  Is your market SATURATED? Need to find fresh fish?
  •  Got a low relevance score of under 5? Despite doing everything seemingly right? Is your account in danger? 
  •  What’s the ideal time to start retargeting ads? (Are you too soon? Too late?)
  •  Worked months and months on a funnel, and FB shuts you down 3 days in? Crushed?Keeping you up at night? Want to know how to turn things around?
  •  Should you run your ads one per country, or would profits be larger if you target multiple areas at once?
  •  Ads stopped converting? ROI plummeting from 4:1, to 2:1, to …? (How can you get things back to great?)
  •  Working with Local Businesses? Should you GEO target your ads only? Or…? 
  •  Need help filling a webinar? What specific words should you be including (and not) in your copy? 
  •  Running a new campaign and results seem to be all over the place? One day getting leads… the next day you’re not? Want to know what’s going on here? 
  •  Needing a 2nd pair of eyes on something you’re concerned about? Just to be SURE your account isn’t at risk, and that you’re doing all you can RIGHT to generate a positive profit… staying out of the RED?
Only $97 a Month
(That’s Less Than ONE Starbucks Coffee Per Day to Keep Your
Profits and Account Safe and Sound.)
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