Extremely Limited:
  This Swiss Army Knife Edition of the Media Buying Agency Bootcamp will promptly be removed from the market forever in…
Land Your First $2,500/Month Client in 30 Days, Get Up to $10,000/Month Within 90 Days, and Hit $50,000+ Monthly RECURRING INCOME in as Little as 1 Year... As One of the FEW People on the Planet Who Can Deliver Leads, Sales and Consistent Profits on ANY AD NETWORK...
  ...Everybody and Their Brother Knows a “Guy” Who Can Do Facebook Ads, but Now, with Your Media Buying Agency Certification in Your Hands... You’re Like the Swiss Army Knife of Media Buyers, Who Gets to Take Your Pick of Clients, and Has a Waiting List so Long... You’re Never Worried About Being Without Steady Income Ever Again...
  • YES!  I'm ready to STOP BURNING my time and income working on small budget campaigns for headache clients, just to cover the bills. I’m ready to get my first client at $2,500/month in as little as the next 30 days, and scale up to $10,000+ months from there! Please give me Justin’s time-tested and PROVEN Media Buying Agency Bootcamp… the onlycomplete Media Buyer Agency training and certification in existence, where I’ll MASTER driving leads and sales on ANY ad network.

    I understand I can start PART-TIME, even if my life is crazy busy, and get my first clients and recurring income, with ZERO AD SPEND.

    Whether my first goal is $2,500 or $50,000 a month recurring income, I promise to BE ETHICAL and do the best work I can for my clients.

    I will uphold the integrity of the Digital Marketing industry because I want to be proud when I tell my friends and family about my agency and all the great businesses I've helped grow for many years to come.
What You're Getting In a Nutshell: Limited time special pricing for this Swiss Army Knife Edition of Media Buying Agency 8-Week Bootcamp.

Plus our widely respected AdSkills certification that comes with guaranteed client offers from multi-million dollar companies. As well as done-for-you systems for hiring, managing, and prospecting. PLUS, 90 days of next level 1-to-1 coaching.
As soon as you login, you begin...
  • Mapping Out Your PRECISE $0 to $50,000+ Month PLAN:  Step out of the competition and set yourself apart from everybody else. There’s a mountain of competition on Facebook.

    Ad costs continue to skyrocket, the algorithms change faster than any human can keep up with, and Facebook smackdowns ruin businesses overnight…

    But now, you’re getting a PRECISE plan to get your ideal clients happily sending you at least $2,500 per month, every month. And with my start-from-scratch prospecting plan, you won’t spend a dime to get them… even if NOBODY knows who you are right now.

    Because now that you’re one of the RARE Swiss Army Knives of Media Buying, you’re taking your pick of companies eager to send you high-ticket monthly retainers…

    They are thrilled to pay you month after month after month, because you’re helping them grow their business, and get leads and sales using some of the most IN-DEMAND ad platforms online right now: Google Display Network (GDN) and Native Ads.

    Most agencies are focused on Facebook right now and are completely missing the boat on the huge demand for ALTERNATIVE traffic sources. In fact, I only know ONE other guy who does Native Ads, and he's always FULLY BOOKED.

    And what you may find most exciting about GDN and Native Ads?

    Unlike FB ads, you DON'T have to create your ads over and over. This means less work for you because with GDN and Native Ads… we do the set up ONCE (or make small tweaks) and then the campaigns run on auto-pilot, bringing in leads, sales, and income - 24/7/365.

    Now, that you’ve got your precise plan in your hands, it’s time to... 
  • Get Your First $2,500 Per Month Client In As Little As 30 Days: Because you’ve been through the bootcamp… You’re one of the FEW people in your industry, who knows how to deliver consistent leads, sales, and profits with Google Display Network and Native Ads.

    And because you’ve got the goods every business person wants, BUT CAN’T FIND…

    It’s almost child’s play to enroll clients at $2,500+ per month. You're now working with PLAYERS WITH MONEY: ad budgets of $10,000 to $100,000 PER DAY is not uncommon.

    No guesswork is involved! Not with our processes and systems at your side. No more costly trial and error. You're starting EVERY campaign with the right keywords, interests, landers, and ads, so you can bring in maximum results and income in minimum time.

    (BTW: As a graduate of the bootcamp, you’re also a master of FB, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Ads. You’re one of the rare Swiss Army knives of media buyers. And your media buying muscle is now so strong, that you never have to rely on any one ad network for your income… I’m saying to go after clients for GDN and Native because demand is RED HOT right now!)

    Now, with your Media Buying Mojo riding high, it’s simpler than ever to get clients at $2,500+ per month like clockwork. But to save you trial and error, you’re also getting...
  • Our $70,000/Month Agency Sales Scripts: If you don't like the idea of spending hours on the phone...DON'T...because now you won’t need to…

    You’re armed with the "Close Themselves" strategy we use in our own $70,000/month agency to get A-list clients who pay us $15,000+ per month to run ad campaigns for them.

    If you can ASK the questions we give you, then you can land clients who pay you $2,500+ every month.

    Once you've got a few clients at $2,500/month, you may decide to… 
  • Scale up to $10,000 Month RECURRING INCOME: You’ve now got your first $2,500 per month client in the books…

    …Your family and friends may notice a bigger smile on your face and extra pep in your step, because you KNOW that getting 2, 3, 4 or more clients and rocketing past $10k months is simply a matter of rinsing and repeating.

    Your future is rock solid with a service which will NEVER go out of style.

    Are you ready to scale up beyond $10K? I’ve got you covered. Follow the plan, and we’ll not only ramp you up to $10k a month in RECURRING income, but don’t be surprised if you’ve got a waiting list before springtime!

    Because everyone else is only selling Facebook ADs - you’re now one of the few games in town who can consistently get leads and sales for your clients who run GDN and Native Ads. Your biggest problem will likely be keeping up with the demand?
  • Rapid Replace Yourself KIT: (Get YOUR A-TEAM to Do the Agency Work for YOU so you can knock off before 2pm) At this point, your Media Buying Agency and your income is blooming, and it's now time to bring in a team of top-notch A-PLAYERS to do the work FOR YOU so you can focus on other things.

    You now have every job ad already written for you, and every task they should be completing, itemized out line by line. And you don't even have to think about what your team should be doing, you're just handing them these documents we've set up for you and they know exactly how to get started.

    Imagine if they also graded their own performance for you? - YEP THAT'S INCLUDED!

    You're also getting our quarterly self-review system where they grade their own performance on each task they are supposed to be doing. This is the ultimate accountability system and all you have to do is look over their grades to decide where they need help.

    In short, I’m handing you EVERYTHING we've got to help you recruit a talented and reliable team, who happily works IN your business, doing all the heavy-lifting for you and your clients.

    Again, this is SO much easier to accomplish on OTHER ad networks because they aren’t changing the rules daily, which means less hassle and headaches for you when you're managing your ad campaigns.

    From here, you're putting it all together and…
  • Scaling from $10,000 per Month to $50,000+ per Month: Now that you've got consistent and reliable income rolling in month after month from your Lifestyle Friendly Agency, let’s take some profits and plow them back into fertile soil and grow your agency even bigger with ads.

    (If you're happy where you're at, and you just want to keep getting clients using the free methods we show you, without using paid advertising, that's totally cool too...)

    In short…

    You're getting EVERYTHING you need to go from being a "One-Man-Band" Freelancer to as big as you can dream (and still call it a day before 2pm). Again, blasting through your financial goals happens FASTER when you’re NOT competing with all the other Facebook ad agencies.

    When you act now, as a fast mover, you’re also getting…
Media Buying Agency Bootcamp
Swiss Army Knife Edition Bonuses:

BONUS #1: 90 Days of My Personal 1 on 1 Help:

AFTER you’ve completed our bootcamp certification test, you're getting my personal help and support for a full 90 days.

You're getting PRIVATE 1 on 1 access to me personally, inside our Members Only forum, where you can ask me unlimited questions on your clients and ad campaigns DAILY… and even add me to your ad accounts to review your campaigns in detail, if you want.

I'm here to help you succeed and get the results you want with your Lifestyle Friendly Agency as fast as humanly possible.

With our help, you’re fully supported every step of the way as you get your first $2,500 client and continue to scale your Media Buying Agency to $10K months and beyond.

There’s nothing you can face with your ad campaigns that we can’t step in and help you with.

(FYI: Clients pay me $15,000 for a full day to work with me, and you're getting direct access to me everyday for 90 days, so we can grow your agency and income as FAST. I want to see you succeed and help flood this industry with good folks:-) 


You're getting everything you need to create highly-profitable landing pages, like we do in our $70,000 per month agency…

With access to our Bulletproof Landing Pages training, you can now quickly create your own online funnels which consistently turn leads into sales, and help you stand out from all the outdated websites your competition is using. 

Standing out from the crowded marketplace has never been easier and money LOVES differentiation!


Here’s how: once you’ve gone through the program AND completed the certification test… You’re getting access to our private list of clients who NEED Google Display Network (GDN) Ads and Native Ads YESTERDAY. 

I can’t work with them all, there's simply too much demand and not enough “supply”. (As, I said I earlier only know ONE guy who does this right now, and he's always fully booked.)

Plus, I want to make getting clients as simple as possible for you, once you go through the program.

That's why, when you join us today… you're getting access to your VIP list of 6 and 7-figure business owners who have ALREADY asked for FIRST DIBS on anyone who completes our certification from the program. 

EXCLUSIVE BONUS #4: Add $3k to $5k or More Per Client PER MONTH with EMAIL MOJO:

Now that you’re driving more leads for your clients, their email and customer lists get bigger and bigger, but most of your clients are STARVING for someone to help them with their email campaigns.

There’s one guy I know, Travis Sago, who makes more money than anyone else I know with email. And he’s usually so busy “doing it’ he rarely teaches.

I’m in his Mojo Mastermind. Right now you’d have to pay $50k for a year’s access. Also, you can’t get ANY of his courses without a private invite - they are all priced at $6,000+ and worth every penny. I’ve made over $125,000 with his email course alone.

(Recently, used his new 3 email strategy and brought in $45,000...with THREE emails.)

But because Travis got so excited when I told him how I’m helping people start their own Swiss Army Knife Agency...He said, “Dude, can I give them my Email Mojo as another “blade” in their knife to help them?”

So, when you act today, you’re getting his $6,000 Email Mojo course at NO EXTRA charge.

You can add an extra $3k to $5k retainer every month or you can do what Travis does and get a BIG 30% to 40% of the profits for everything he sells. It’s like being an affiliate, but using THEIR list.

Don’t worry if you’re not the best writer in the world because Email Mojo is designed to work best with simple writing. If you can write (or hire a writer) at a 6th grade level, your money mojo will rise to new heights when you get your hands on this exclusive bonus.
You’re Also Backed By My 3-Guarantees:   
1: You’re Getting My Money-Back Guarantee:  Folks tell us all the time how our products are the best on the market… But if for some reason you feel Media Buying Agency Bootcamp can’t get you to $2,500 months, and a $10,000 per month residual income? You’ll be backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee today. Just email us and we'll refund your investment in full. No questions asked.

2. You’re Getting My Customer Support Guarantee:  Your investment today comes with our premium support… Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays:-) Plus, you're getting my 1 on 1 support, as you get to $10K+ months, as a part of this Swiss Army Knife Special Edition.

3. You’re Getting My Freshness Guarantee:  You're getting 100% up-to-date trainings from us. Every month we scour our courses for any outdated topics. And if something has changed or become outdated inside the Media Buying Agency Bootcamp, we make a fresh lesson for you to keep it up to date and current, year-round.
  • YES Justin, I’m IN!! I’m ready to get my first NEW client who pays me $2,500 per month in as little as 30 days... It would be silly of me to put this off and let someone else grab my spot. I realize this is a limited-offer which is only open for a small window of time, and that it’s strictly available to only 100 action takers, just like me, who are ready to go...

    I promise to only CLICK THE BUY BUTTON… as someone who is a serious doer and is ready to let this amazing system work for them. I’m ready to bring in the consistently high-level income that my family and I deserve.

    Right now as someone who’s agreed to put this Media Agency Buying Bootcamp and processes to good use, you’re getting it, along with the limited bonuses… for the low investment of:
The 3-pay payment plan will be promptly removed forever in...

Extremely Limited:
  This Swiss Army Knife Edition of the Media Buying Agency Bootcamp will promptly be removed from the market forever in…
ONE TIME Investment
Of Only $2,499
Our first goal together is to hook you up with your first $2,500 per month client within the first 30 days.
3 EASY Payments
Of: $950
Our first goal together is to hook you up with your first $2,500 per month client within the first 30 days.
Your #1 Fan,
Justin Brooke
3-Pay Option:
This works 100% for 100% of people who follow the steps 100%! Our first goal is to get your first one or two clients in 8 weeks. What would even ONE client do for you right now? That’s $2K a month or an extra $24,000 a year! How’s that for a start?
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